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Universal Solvents #22

A long-delayed entry on the SfStory side of the list, which does not feature superheros but does feature a lot of very silly science fiction humor. For archives, click here.

This storyline has gone through a lot of stops and starts in the ten years I've been working on it, but it's very close to the end now. One hopes.

22nd-Dec-2010 07:49 am - interesting reading
This here blog discussing legal issues in a world featuring superheroes and supervillains was/is being discussed over on R.A.C.C., so I thought I'd take a look. Very interesting stuff; definitely something to keep in mind, even in a somewhat more absurd universe such as Superguy's.

6th-Dec-2010 01:43 am - Skysabre costume in City of Heroes
This is a costume for Izzy Spacecase, a sort of David Bowie swordsman character I've had kicking around on the Freedom server for a while. Freedom is where amigoid has set up the West Coast Defenders, and when I was thinking of what to make to join that group I realized Izzy pretty much had the exact power set for Skysabre. So why reroll when I can re-dress?
Can't do chest straps under coats, otherwise pretty closeCollapse )
What I did end up making as a WCD was Ben Sidhe, from Crazy Guy:
Didn't get nearly as close on this one.Collapse )
Izzy inherited a supergroup due to all the other leaders idling out, but I quit it and will get him into the WCD at some point. :)
17th-Nov-2010 11:02 am - sfstory archives moved
I've launched a new website, GaryWOlson.com, to replace my old one, Novitious.com. (For further details, see my post from yesterday.) For readers of this group, this means that the SfStory archives that I was keeping on Novitious have also moved, to: sfstory.garywolson.com.

I'm also still working on Universal Solvents #22, and that pesky cure for the common cold.

15th-Nov-2010 11:33 pm - Scary thing from Cheezburger
Ninja Lemming
Posted this to my journal, and figured I should share it over here, too.

The Dark Moose Rises
1st-Sep-2010 08:03 am - salsa?
Author's Altiverse: Reboot That

This is, of course, the long-delayed followup to this.

I am still not a taco.


Spectrum, Foxy Lady, Trapdoor Spider Man, Nikon Ninja (and his Dord), and British Airwave.

Picture Under the cutCollapse )
4th-Aug-2010 03:55 pm - Showtime
Spectrum, MLP, Rule85
Sorry for the technical difficulties, he is online painting now.
Spectrum, MLP, Rule85


He's going to be wrapping up work on the WCD art project and you can watch him live. 
Which is a lot more exciting than watching me write. :-)

aaaaah nuke

Speaking of Penguins of Doom....  Is this their beer of choice?  The squirrel beer is mildly disturbing...
4th-Aug-2010 09:26 am - Another peek at the WCD
Spectrum, MLP, Rule85

The artist that has been working on this is James Denton.    James used to draw with pencil and scan it into the computer, though he's recently (within the past two years) began drawing directly in the computer with a tablet, then painting from there. He currently uses Photoshop CS3.

You can view Jame's art gallery at DeviantART at the link below.


He has been in close communication through the process and has been very dedicated in making sure the look of the characters was just right.  A lot of his first attempts were so close to perfect that I hardly had to make any tweaks.  If you wanted to illustrate any of your SuperGuy characters, he would be a great choice.   Please take a moment to send him a comment at jamesdb1978@gmail.com and let him know what you think of his WCD art.

30th-Jul-2010 11:42 pm - New books!
Cover Art
Yo, guys, I've just gotten an offer for a three-book contract! The Galaxy Games trilogy won't be related to Superguy, like PENGUINS OF DOOM was, but hopefully they will be fun books to read.

More details when I'm able to give them.

30th-Jul-2010 03:25 pm - Another peek at the WCD
Star wars

Note the film cannisters in the bandolier
Nikon Ninja
30th-Jul-2010 03:27 pm - bloodchip 11 gone to heaven
Chalandra Harkness: The Bloodchip Matrix #11 (series finale)

...and at last it is over. This part is the only one of the series to be entirely written in 2010. I'm not sure I was entirely successful in getting back into my '93-'94 mindset for this, but it's as close as I'm ever gonna get, I think. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Up next: An AA followup to my last AA from December '08, and then the ever-so-long-delayed conclusion of the Universal Solvents series. And after that... heh heh heh...

James sent me a rough sketch and I scribbled a rabbit behind it for Nikon Ninja's transforming Rabbit Dord.
Its no Van Gough, but I thought you guys might want to see the progress.

16th-Jul-2010 01:19 pm - Hired an artist to draw the WCD team
Spectrum, MLP, Rule85

Here is a initial sketch of Spectrum  He is working on a group shot of the whole team.

James posted an open call for some commissioned work on the City of Heroes group.
I have had some good illustrations of each team member, and a few of the characters have shown up on CoH/CoV.
(If only they would come up with a good vulpine model, I would do Foxy...)  But I am hopeful the group shot will go well.
6th-Jul-2010 01:12 pm - bloodchip 10, and then...
Chalandra Harkness: The Bloodchip Matrix #10

And so we reach the penultimate episode of this limited series (and the last one salvaged from the savage and Backstreet-Boys-infected era known as the nineties). Guess that means I'll have to get cracking on writing the ending!

8th-Jun-2010 02:01 pm - bloodchip 8 is enough
Chalandra Harkness: The Bloodchip Matrix #8

In which we get to matters at the heart of what I was thinking when I wrote this, and in which we don't find anything about why I thought 'nucleonic' involves radioactivity.

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