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Discussing Superguy, Sfstory, and Stuff In General

The Superguy and Sfstory List Community Sampo
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The Superguy shared-universe humorous superhero fiction list (including Sfstory)
Community of writers and/or readers of the Superguy shared-universe humorous superheroic fiction mailing list. Superguy is a mailing list featuring generally (but not always) humorous fiction stories about fictional people with superpowers. It is called a "shared-universe" list because the stories, although written by separate authors, are generally considered to be taking place within the same universe (unless otherwise specified) and can refer to events and characters in different stories. For more information, see the Wikipedia entry on Superguy and our old and outdated pages on Eyrie.

The Superguy list is also where postings for Sfstory, an even older shared-universe humorous sci-fi fiction list, now show up. Sfstory was semi-incorporated into the Superguy 'multiverse' for reasons that undoubtedly made sense at the time, and because they shared many of the same authors at the time anyway.

Aaaanyway, since there are a good number of Superguy writers and readers already on LJ, this community was brought into existence (with spacom!) to aid and abet discussions of new postings, announcements of new postings, and, well, whatever else it occurs to us to yap about.

To read past Superguy writings, you can browse the logs (1988-present) via the Superguy Autocollector, or read more recent entries (2011) on Eyrie, where the list now resides. To get future Superguy and Sfstory writings sent directly to your e-mail, visit here to subscribe!

(Please note: while many if not most of the people here are fans of science fiction, fantasy, comics, etc, Superguy is not "fan fiction." The Superguy writers create their own original (if occasionally derivative) characters for use in their fiction postings on the Superguy list, rather than use characters owned by other people, or large corporations that could otherwise sue us.)

Also take note that there is also a Superguy community on Facebook! If you have a Facebook account, please join us! And, for DreamWidth users, there is now a Superguy community on DreamWidth!