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Robotech_Master seriously injured in electric bike accident

I'm sad to report that Chris Meadows, our very own robotech_master, was unfortunately in a tragic hit and run accident last week, when an SUV driver struck him while he was riding his electric bike. After several days where it was hoped he would improve, he stopped breathing unassisted yesterday and was moved to palliative care. At approximately two am this morning, Chris passed away at the age of 47. Unfortunately, he never regained consciousness after the accident.

I wish he had. There has been a tremendous outpouring of shock and love from all corners of the net, reminding us of how incredibly broad and diverse R_M's connection to the internet, dating back to well before modern innovations like 'html,' has been. And... how many lives he touched.

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SG: Reflecting Upon Reflections (or Caustic Illusions)

Welcome to September, 2018 -- and an actual non-alternate Superguy post! This takes us back to May, 1996, immediately following the previous Reflections Refractions post. As with that post, this story developed out of plans that Mason L. Kramer and I made going back some years.  This closes out the Twisted Reflections story Mason was working on. As with that story, if Mason is able to post the actual finale to Twisted Reflections, it will supercede everything here.

The whole story can be found in this log.

And now... some notes:
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Tailor's Honor

This is another Alternate Superguy post from me, Eric. This is not the same Alternate Superguy as the other ones, but is instead a completely different alternate Superguy? Why?

Because I've been obsessed with twenty-two women who have existed pretty much just inside my head for years and I'm letting them out before they stage a coup. Madness is a strange place to live.

These three posts live at:

The line rewrapping on the actual list posts is... unfortunate. Things look better in an e-mail client, for the most part. Depending on the client. Everything old is new again!

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In one sense... it's like this is my attempt to write a story like Gary, only not as good. Either way, enjoy!

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aSG: The Formation

It's the next foray into Altiverse 023SG! In this case, it's the (replacement) tale of the formation of the Megaintelligence Bureau. Which is not the Mega Intelligence Bureau. Because there's a space in the name of the latter, which makes it a little more 'mega.'

(I actually coined the agency name, so I'm not filing off serial numbers of that. I just think it looks a little more cromulent this way, despite it being patently ridiculous).

And of course... there are notes and acknowledgements:
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  • gwox

archive boy for the planet of the mongos

Right, it's been... a bit... since the last archives update, in... 2010. But Mongo has patiently gathered up everything posted since then (except the most recent one in June, because Archive Boy is a ding-a-ling and forgot). So here they are!

The Superguy logs for 2011-March 2017 (1334-1345) are now included in the Superguy ftp site:


and in the Superguy autocollector:


Included are:
West Coast Defenders #51
Universal Solvents #23-25
Trail Boss #1-2, Cast List
The League #7-8
Rough Cut #1-2
Adjusted League Unimpeachable #110, Cast List
ALU Interstitial #1
Reflections Refracted

Additionally, the SfStory archive, at


has been updated with
Universal Solvents #23-25
Trail Boss #1-2, Cast List

Archive Boy and Mongo
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aSG: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1

So, less 'in character toast-brained author'-ish... as I said on-list, as part of my Patreon (of course I link to it. That is literally the whole point) and my active desire to rework old stories (and make them better), I've spun up an aSG called 023SG. More seriously -- I have been working out ways to tell some of the more interconnected story arcs without... you know, violating other peoples' intellectual property. But, it's still Superguy, so here's the first Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer post:

Obviously I couldn't directly use Wonder Grunion, so the only real commonalities are 'a certain amount of magic,' and 'a fish-person that's kind of goldish looking in color.' Goldfish doesn't act or sound like good ol' W.G., and for the most part his cast is entirely new -- most notably starring Max Santiago.

Max isn't bright.

Anyway. A fish had to be first. That's the rule.

Of course, one of the rules is Ramrod is in every universe and is exactly the same. I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to pull that off.

Not much in the way of notes, but here you go:

  • In the Banter Latte/Patreon version, the elder god is Dactylthulu. I missed the rename in the Superguy post, which makes me sad.

  • Max Santiago was a name I picked at random. I only remembered that Santiago was the name of the lead in "The Old Man and the Sea" later. And Hemingway was discovered by a book editor named Maxwell Perkins, which I also didn't know.

The Patreon version can be found here ($5 minimum, so, like, don't jump in if this is all you want -- it's literally free everywhere else): Patreon: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1.

The Banter-Latte version is here: Banter Latte: Goldfish: Rise of the Icthyomancer #1.
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SG-1996: Reflections Refracted -- a view of Twisted Reflections

A new post that makes me feel good to post even as it was extremely hard to finish. The credits are for both me and Mason, and honestly this is way more Mason's story -- but he's not in a position to finish it. As I indicate in the post itself, if that's true this is at best deuterocanonical, which is also a fun word.
As implied, this is a view -- perhaps distorted -- of the end of Mason L. Kramer's "Twisted Reflections" storyline, which was a thing he and I discussed, plotted and worked on a lot, both in terms of The League and in his own stuff. And, as I'm hitting this point in 1996 in ALU... well, it felt right to put some stuff in the record.

Also, all the posts flagged as Spam incoming back to me, so... um... yeah. That. If you want to read this and it didn't show up, follow the links below or check your spam filter. Thanks.
The notes -- always long from me, I know -- are actually longer this time, I'm afraid -- I wanted to properly credit stuff, and there's an anecdote or two, including a bit about the Mighty Dog you never saw. Regardless, I hope you like.
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ALU Interstitial #1: "The Dead Dogs of CalForce"

We're still back in 1996 for the first of a few posts that aren't part of The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable but are actually kind of necessary if we're going to lock in the punch for that series. I could leave them lie before I decided to finish the arc, but....

Anyway, this is a story set in the wee hours of the morning after CalForce #150. It actually answers a few long standing questions, and it has a pun or two.
A few notes -- not that it needs many. Which won't stop me from writing a billion.Collapse )