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Superguy List
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Long long term bucket list planning. 
5th-Jul-2011 01:29 pm
Spectrum, MLP, Rule85
Someday I want to redo all my Spectrum and West Coast Defenders stories as an online webcomic, and then publish the volumes, much the way the Foglios did Girl Genius.

As I am moving out of my home at the end of the month as part of the beginning process of a peaceful divorce, I'll have a bit more free time which I've been contemplating going to school to take some art lessons, and eventually do all 50 episodes. Considering the glacial rate that I write, and probably the even slower rate illustrations will take, this could be my (remaining) life's work.


Since some of my best stuff involved other supergroups, and characters who belong to other authors, I will need to go back and get written permission for their characters to appear in my work. And since I'm hoping that the art will be good enough to make some incremental income off the web comic, I will need to get permission for their characters to appear in a for profit work and also work out some payment arrangements.

Trouble is, some of the authors have moved on, and at the rate I do things they may be dead of old age before the web is up and any money is made. I could redo all the stories with new variations on the charaters, but I'm hoping some people would appreciate the attention, and seeing their text only characters get illustrated.
5th-Jul-2011 11:43 pm (UTC)
I don't know that you used any of my characters but you're welcome to keep any of those old references intact. Or drop me a line if you want to retcon Spoonman into your new adaptation. :D

If I can make my current book deadline, I'm planning to submit a new version of the Super Seven "Big in Japan" storyline to an anthology that's raising money for victims of the recent earthquake. There are some other authors' characters involved but I was planning to come up with replacements for them.

On the topic of webcomics, does anyone know an artist who might be willing to help me do a Hunter-Elf Zeita comic for the Galaxy Games website? I may even be able to wrangle some compensation out of the marketing budget.
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