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The League #7 (Post and Notes) 
8th-Aug-2016 09:25 am
Just me.
This is the League #7, because what's 8-9 years between friends, right? It exists because of The Mason Kramer, my friend and collaborator, who unfortunately isn't in a position to write and likely won't be in the future.

Now, of course, we just need the Notes!

And the Notes shall come when they come!

Prologue -- Year 2000: Another teaser about what happened in the past between the last current episode of ALU and the first episode of the League. In part, I was trying to continue the sense of the world moving on after the war, and in part I was trying to continue what Gary started with Rad when he did that series -- that sense of our heroes as heroes, but maybe... to coin a phrase... yesterday's heroes.

Prologue -- Year 2007: Not much to say here -- you'll notice he's 'Andrew Goodwin' now, and his Vice Presidents aren't quite as cowed by his presence as a lot of people would have been seven years before. They live in a different world. Of course, we live in a different world now, because since this came out tablet computing came and largely went and 'convergence devices' seem desperately dated.

The phone service is "Awesomenet." The data service is "Annet." Long long long time readers may notice neither one of these are "Awenet."

Back in the day, Andy Awesome had a little bit of the Rube Goldbergesque in his inventions, but honestly, this is more of a Qwintor take on things.

My God have I been waiting to introduce Theodora Tesla. I can't wait for this entire plotline to be finished off once and for all so she can actually appear on screen.

The idea that Reflects and Capacitor work together really well while hating each other and what they stand for is just part of the fun. If this were a buddy cop story they'd be the buddy cops.

It makes me juvenile at best, but I dearly love the term "bra taser." Also, "you can't dodge your underwear" goes back to Archangel Beth McCoy.

1997 Dreamscape: One of the things I worked out in detail with Mason some time back -- this was all alluded to in "A View of Genocide: The Ballad of Richard Less." The Allies use the Dreamers, Nightmares and other subjects of Queen Samantha Ward (nee Beckett-Malone) to gather information and implant instructions for when the counterattack comes, all to keep off the prognosticative radar of Oracle of the Unimaginable League Amoral. That one of the people in question is a kid is a sad reality of war.

This is the first indication that the blocks keeping dreaming allies from remembering any of this when they wake up is magical as well as dream-construct oriented. It's probably the spell in question came from Scholarman, since that makes the Non-Destiny bits explicit. The information Anthony/Egoiste is giving Cordelia was the crux of an argument between Egoiste and Richard Less back in "The Ballad of Richard Less," with the Crimson Crowbar reinforcing it. So yeah, that was explicitly a point where (entirely unknowingly) Egoiste was already betraying the ULA.

Lochaber uses Callsigns like pilots in the military, because that's entirely different from Superhero codenames. No superheroes in the Exclusionary Zone, after all. So these are Callsigns. Also, the padding of the Lochaber uniforms are meant to reflect the rather... uniform (no pun intended) great physique of Longbow operatives in City of Heroes, since that's the parody here.

We needed to see just how much Richard Less got under Cairi's skin. The answer is 'a lot.' We also get to see how scary smart Kirby is. But then, he should be.

Just like the Scullers were parodies of the Skulls street gang from City of Heroes, so the Hellfions are parodies of the Hellions. Also, it's worth noting the pair are teammates and care about each other.

Reiterating the whole 'Cairi's past went away' thing, to seperate her from when she was Christina Ricci, because I beat points into the ground.

The Chicks With Attitude and their nicknames, weirdly enough, have a story reason to exist. Obviously, the 'Boomer,' 'Sparky,' and 'Shiny' nicknames have been in use since "The League #1." The group goes back to their halcyon Academy days. They got matching jackets and everything. More to the point, they go back to that lovely time between Maria betraying the Mob and graduation/the war, which means Dani and Cairi were kind of 'it' when it came to Maria's friends, back in the day. I'll explore that at some point.

"Twenty five dollars a day plus expenses." Transit has a reason to quote that number, and man I'm looking forward to this.

Alice, as per Mason, is a cook. This is what she does. This was also a coping mechanism for a terrible family dynamic growing up. As the situation between Alice and her sister is tense, a dinner is a way to bring them together but she's also feeling tense about it all.

Sammy, Harleigh and Tristan are part of the 'Superguy baby boom' that I postulate happened while so many super heroes (and villains) were down the elevators shafts to the center of the Earth for so many weeks and months. Said baby boom is why the Academy expanded into a primary and middle school as well as a secondary school and beyond. Harleigh Dallas Campbell -- not to spoil anything -- is the daughter of Shauna Campbell from "Trail Boss." Sammy and Tristan are the twin children of Scholarman. Yes, the idea that he bred scares me too. More than you, really. Other students in the pre-high school sections of the Academy include Toni and Terri Ward (children of Dreamweaver and Mental) and of course Kirby Rogers. Why Johnny Clark, the child of Mighty Guy, isn't on this list is a matter of great significance and importance, with the fate of the world in the balance. (Which is to say Gary and I have literally never talked about it.) If you're a Superguy author and want spawn in the Acadely [sic] let me know and we'll figure something out.)

Symbol identification!

  • <<Things written between these aren't actually French, but are in fact MIKE's dialogue.>>

  • <<("Add parentheses and double quotes and we get people using MIKE as a speakerphone, as Harleigh does here.)>>

  • {{Alice's personal telepathic dialogue markers look like this.}}

  • ((Alice hears other peoples' thoughts in parentheticals like this.))

  • }|{Not that it's in use here, but Elizabeth's telepathic dialogue has been rendered this way for a very long time, at least in ALU. In CalForce. Interestingly -- to me -- dialogue she hears in response is rendered the same way, even from other telepaths or non-telepaths. But Elizabeth's different than a lot of people.}|{

  • *Also interestingly -- Elizabeth's telepathy in CalForce and Gary's mid-2000's 'Rad' series was done in these asterisk style instead. I ascribe this to Elizabeth's mindset being more... Californian... when she's around that gang. She doesn't have to be Doctor Tirkoff when she's there. She can just be Liz. But don't call her Liz. Except Rad. Rad can call her Liz. Just Rad.*

Darrin/Maria. Heh. I'm not sure how anyone will take this. So, let me get a few things out of the way. First off -- no, this doesn't mean that their antagonism the rest of the time is an act. They legitimately don't like each other. In particular, Maria doesn't like Darrin at all. Yes, this is a regular thing -- so regular that Darrin notes the lack of schedule. No, he's not particularly happy to see her and she's not particularly happy to be there. We'll go into some of this next episode, which I guess we should schedule for 2021.

Also... Chekov's law of Bra Tasers is if you put a Bra Taser on the mantlepiece in the first act, the Bra Taser must by fired by the third.

Executive Producer The Mason Kramer: Okay, this isn't fun to write about, but I need to -- both here and on the list. I've got something a little more in depth in the pipe, but in the short form... Mason's one of my closest friends and evolved into my closest collaborator. He and I would talk about this stuff all the time. We discussed the League, his things, other things, Maria, Roger, Cairi, my non-Superguy writing, his non-Superguy writing... the works. Honestly, the impact he's had on the League, on my Justice Wing stories, on Lovelace 1/2 and any number of other things I wrote can't be calculated.

For those who don't know... earlier this year Mason had a traumatic brain injury. He is comfortable and well cared for and they're working on making him as well as he can be made. But the likelihood that that will bring him back to a place where he can write for Superguy or even collaborate on stuff is... quite frankly remote.

A big reason the League's coming back now is... well, similar to why Trail Boss came back. I wanted to bring Frank's work back to where people could see it, and I've been entrusted with a number of Mason's characters... and it's vitally important to me to live up to that trust... to get our plans where people can read them... and to reaffirm all Mason brought to Superguy and beyond. And honestly, his contribution has been huge.

I don't have rights to all of his characters -- some things I've been discussing with some other folks. But Alice, Roger, Cairi, Maria, Buddy, Susan, Jenny, Terri, Toni, Mighty Dog and others? I do have the rights to write -- carte blanche, even. Others I have the right to write in the context of stories like the Genocide War, The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable, and Adjusted League Unimpeachable Academy. This lets me do some more with backstory scenes like the one where Reverie was introduced in today's post, and lets me finish up my old ALU 'Bruce' storyline, my old Academy storylines, and do other War related stuff including the upcoming counterpoint to The Ballad of Richard Less.

Writing Roger, Maria and Cairi comes very naturally. It feels good. Writing Alice is surreal at best. But it's important to me.

That's why I named him an executive producer and gave him collaboration credit at the bottom of the post. This wasn't done in a vacuum. This wasn't me picking up an orphaned character in the way we've done since time immemorial on Superguy. This was planned, and he was part of those plans.

A side note. I do not have the right to include Dreamweaver, Mental, Phobos, or Mime Man in "The League." I do have the right to use them in the Genocide War and earlier works. There may be places in those earlier works where Dreamweaver, Mime Man or Mental show up.

Phobos is an active and dynamic figure -- then and now -- in the Superguy community. I need to discuss things with Robotech Master, but to my knowledge he and Summer are happily married and are having an amazingly happy time together designing intelligent cybernetic intellects, coherent light weaponry, transforming veritech based designs, and maybe children, I don't know.

I submit that Phobos, aka Mason Kramer, teenager in the 90's, former leader of the Teen Team and Mason's Mazing Mob, remain just that. In the background. Referred to often. Happy. And off-camera. A presence. A vital part of our shared world. And maybe someday in some other world we'll get to hear about his stories.

I don't know if I'll be able to swing getting this issue of the League in front of Mason, but I'll try. In the meantime, keep him in your thoughts... and I hope you enjoy the posts.

9th-Aug-2016 03:54 am (UTC)
Go. Hunt. Zap Scullers.
9th-Aug-2016 12:08 pm (UTC)
I actively wish I'd thought of this joke.
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